This Website

I made this site as a personal site, I wanted my small piece of the internet and someplace where I could share my thoughts and projects with people that are passionate for the same things as I am.

It is always in development and I try to keep it bug-free. I hand-craft every bit of the experience, making sure the site is readable on most platforms sacrificing the least looks possible.

Technical Bits

To make my website I chose modern frameworks and tools that allow for easier development and result in a faster, more professional site with a small size.

Nuxt.js is at the core, based on Vue, allows the creation of static sites with speed and it brings along many modules that facilitate localization, SEO optimization and add countless features.

Tagging along is Tailwind CSS which helps build the UI much faster with the bundled classes and combines perfectly with Nuxt.js to style a dark-mode.

The site is deployed in Vercel completely free, and with their GitHub integration, it gets updated every time there is a new commit. It also allows adding serverless functions in many languages (GO) to use as a mini-backend but for the moment I have not needed them.

The blog for the writings area are written through Forestry in markdown and through Nuxt Content are displayed without needing to modify code or create a dedicated page for each.

As a final touch, the site is an installable progressive web app, it incorporates google analytics and uses LogRocket for debugging and session capturing.

nuxt tailwindcss vercel forestry
github logrocket google analytics nuxt content