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Announcing AstroCappy's De-scoping and Pausing

It's been a long time since the last update. Some other stuff is going on in my life and AstroCappy will be taking a break.

Cappy's AI rendition

After realising that AstroCappy is too big. I decided to de-scope it, make easier goals and a smaller project in general. I've also decided to pause the project to focus on other things. I'm not sure when I'll be back to it.


My ideas for the game were too big. As with any project that is taking too long. The first thing to do is to start cutting features and making the project smaller.

AstroCappy will now be a 30 minute challenge. That means, if you take more than 30 minutes to finish the game, you lose.

Cappy's AI rendition

And you will have to start over. This will ensure I cannot add too much content, as the game needs to be completable in 30 minutes.

This also removes the need for any saving functionality. I will also remove any tracking or browser specific logic and just focus on the main gameplay.


I will also be pausing the project, even if it's smaller now. I have other things to focus on and I don't want to be thinking about AstroCappy for a while.

A tip for the future

When I started this project I was very excited about it. I wasted the period of excitement by doing the wrong things.

If you stop working on a project and have very little to show, it's hard to go back to it.

If I had spent the early time purely on gameplay, I'd have now something playable, even if it looks bad.

When I return to this project, the only recommendation I can give to my future self is, to focus on what makes a game a game. The gameplay. Add the boring bits at the end.

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